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Lead Star provides 24/7/365 dedicated security personnel to ensure the safety and security for our client’s safety, site, and asset protection.

Whether you need unarmed, armed, covert, or highly visible security deterrent, at Lead Star, we will carefully evaluate and assess each project, work closely with “YOU” the client, and create a unique security plan to fit your deterrent needs.

Our Leading Selection Process

Lead Star Security, pride ourselves on providing our clients with reliable security personnel and believe that quality derives directly from our process. We have a “quality before quantity” approach in which less than 10% of those who apply for employment are even considered.

We believe that quality is the foundation to building quantity. We have developed our own comprehensive approach to officer selection known as the Lead Star Process (LSP).

the LSP process

  • We identify the key characteristics that reflect our culture and position specific security needs for our clients. We translate these into a customized recruiting profile and behavioral interview questions that ensure our management that the officer aligns with our organizational standard and requirements and your security needs.
  • From new hires to experienced supervisors, all Lead Star officers undergo pinpointed, ongoing, and on-site training. Lead Star is not satisfied with meeting the minimum training requirements. We believe by raising the bar of training we will be able to provide a higher quality service to our clients.
  • Lead Star places strong emphasis on the supervision and management of our staff coupled with client account management. Site Supervisors, Field Commanders, and upper management will conduct random and unannounced inspections to assess the appearance, demeanor, performance, and knowledge of responsibilities and/or duties of our security officers.
  • 1
    Application and Interview
    Written Application Submission & In Person Interview Process
  • 2
    Personality, Aptitude, and Drug Screening
  • 3
    Lead Star Indoctrination
    Our Culture, Our Beliefs, Our Mission, Our Protocol & Procedure
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